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Young Diplomats of Canada (YDC) is a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization that promotes the leadership of young Canadians through international delegations, research projects, and advocacy initiatives.

YDC provides hands-on training programs and establishes key partnerships that give our delegates exclusive access to high-level geopolitical and global governance summits including the World Bank & IMF, OECD, UN, NKS, WTO, and the flagship Y20 (Youth 20).

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Venture for Canada connects recent graduates to work for some of the top entrepreneurs in the country, giving them a valuable network that will help them throughout their careers.

Beyond the network of experienced entrepreneurs, Fellows become a member of a top tier community of other high performing entrepreneurially minded Canadians.

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Ziversity offers women, LGBTQ people, racial/ethnic minorities, Indigenous peoples, and persons with (dis)abilities a safe space to embrace their identity and add context to their experiences. Ziversity partners with firms known for championing diversity so you can trust that every opportunity is one that will not only “tolerate” your identity, but celebrate it.

In a world of progress held back by pre-conceived notions about what being a certain identity might mean, Ziversity seeks to break through those glass walls and ceilings so that all people can be judged for the unique merits, value and perspectives they bring.

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The Aboriginal Professional Association of Canada was a project incubated by a team of 2011 DiverseCity Fellows. Part of DiverseCity: The Greater Toronto Leadership Project, a joint initiative of Maytree and the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance, DiverseCity Fellows is an action-oriented leadership program that brings together city-builders who are committed to enhancing their leadership abilities and practicing collective leadership to address issues critical to the economic and social prosperity of the greater Toronto region.


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